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Introduction (!):

I think it’s a little low class(!) to write a formal or semi-formal text in pinglish! ّFor sure acceptable for friendly e-mails, but that's not proper for weblog. Thus, as soon as I get my own computer or have access to a computer with Farsi tools, I’ll go on writing with Farsi characters. This weblog is in Farsi, for ever!

When I wanted to send this, I couldn’t write properly in Farsi, even in persianblog template.




Watching the plates of the cars in Vancouver, at first has a negative impression on you : “Beautiful British Columbia”!  Aren’t they sending greeting cards for themselves?!


 You can see


















But after only a few days, you’d say : Their land  really deserves this decription. BBC : “Beautiful British Columbia”.









































































Have a look, at this nice & professional post.


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سلام. سروش اونجا هوا چند درجه است؟


سلام، چه عجب... بالاخره افتخار دادين يه آپ‌ديتي هم کردين... چه خبر؟ اوضاعِ کار و بارت اون جا ميزونه؟...




می بينم که ديگه استاد رايتينگ شدی (يا رايتينگو استاد کرده ای!). مبارکه!!!

amir bio

سلام. کجايی؟ انگاري خيلی سرت شلوغه!‌ چرا آپديت نمی کنی؟